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The essence of stakeholder management could be summarized in one bracket; “Hearing out what they say…” 


At Pure Energy, we value the ideas and feedbacks of our stakeholders, and we regard this process as a daily routine. As a cleantech company, the dynamic nature of the energy business makes you think out of the box to come up with innovative solutions to the problems. Within our hands-on approach framework, we are growing and sharpening our business models with tailor-made executions based on our stakeholders’ feedbacks. 


Thus, we are keen to hear out what our  


team members, 

business partners,  

society / environment says. 


Hearing out what our customers say is key to developing our business models’ to-the-point perspective. At Pure, we always work to create added value for our customers by taking over their daily operations and comfort them with our performance-based revenue-sharing models. Renewable energy is a complex industry, subject to frequently changing legislations and a highly dynamic market structure where one needs to execute state-of-the-art operations on a 24/7 basis. Moreover, the needs and preferences of the customers are also of dynamic nature. Hearing out the views of the customers triggers additional services and new business models, upon which the opportunity to diversify the value proposition might be captured. Flexibility is the key to untap this potential together with the customers and their needs. The long-term perspective is also of great importance as our organization starts to develop deep empathy with clients and become a single entity that strives for the same targets - to create the best solutions for the customers on a to-the-point basis. 


Hearing out what our team say is key to enhancing efficiency and developing creative models to lead the disruption in the business. At Pure, we are proud to have very sharp minds with great values in our teams and departments. The essence of our team establishment is the culture. We embrace diversity as we believe different cultural backgrounds contribute to productivity and joy within the organization. We do not believe in and appreciate old-fashioned hierarchy in the work environment. On the contrary, we believe every member of our team has precious insights and individual suggestions to develop our business models and enhance the efficiency of the processes. Thus, we are always happy to welcome our team members’ open feedback and different perspectives.  Since we operate both in Europe and Turkey, we appreciate the diversified expertise, and we truly enjoy our fruitful discussions with our international teams. We are also happy to encourage our people to take the initiative and to take end-to-end responsibility for such actions until it is transformed into daily executions. 


Hearing out what our business partners say is key to utilizing the critical importance of collaboration in these challenging times. 

At Pure, we appreciate the specific areas of expertise as we believe that we are now heading to an era where strategic partnerships do matter more than trying to do everything on your own. Taking this perspective into consideration, we have developed good and long-term relationships with several vendors and strategic partners from different nationalities and various areas of expertise. Building trust is the driving engine behind developing a win-win relationship with strategic partners. Discussing needs with business partners also provide a different window, through which one may reach more efficient and applicable ways of developing innovative solutions. At the end of the day, when you are in the same boat with your strategic partners, you will hear are to hear considerably fruitful feedbacks which would save a significant number amount of resources and effort for you. 


Hearing out what our society/environment says is a key to sustaining the delicate balance between doing business and providing heartful contributions to the society. 

The sSocial/environmental contribution of our business is the main primary driver of for the spirit we all share within our teams. At Pure, we are committed to providinge positive externalities to society for a better future, by enabling more renewable source utilization and contributing to better deployment of renewable power to decrease fossil fuels through our state-of-the-art operations and business models. The social impact is always a major significant checkpoint when developing for the sake of  a better tomorrows. So, we sleep tight at night, as we know from the heart that we are doing the right thing; and it is priceless.  
One good example has been our advisory task towards a major TSO where we provided support foron better integration of renewables to the grid. We do appreciate such efforts immensely as we know that it is only possible to create a real renewable boom in the countries with the adoption of the best technology & practices. In other words, when you hear what society says, you will always ask yourself how to contribute more, and more effectively. 


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