Digital Energy Management

The Issue

The problem is quite simple; intermittent nature of the renewable power generation, especially for wind and solar. Yet the solution is a little more complicated than that. In order to simplify the solution, Pure Energy brings the most powerful and state of the art tools together and provides the plant owners with a transparent and efficient business model based on mutual gains. Renewable portfolios managed by Pure VPP maintain a sustainable and long-term competitive income, and investors of such plants do have a full-fledged understanding of commercial results. On the other hand, managing the predicted imbalances and trading the differences with powerful algorithms create reliable signals for the Transmission System Operators (TSO) who are the masterminds of the challenging security of supply task. Therefore, the benefit of individual plant-based energy management is not only commercial but also technical - as in, keeping the lights on and integrating the renewables into the grid. So go digital, go Pure!

The Fixer

Please send us a quick email to to arrange an exchange of views meeting. We are looking forward to getting to know you, to learn from each other and to offer our services.

  • Pure Renewable Asset Portfolio - No Fossil Fuel Allowed!
  • Aggregating Supply and Demand Side
  • Well-shaped and Agile Business Model  
  • Same Distance to All Assets in the Portfolio

Energy Trading & Origination

Pure Energy is a prudent and experienced trader focused on innovative business models in renewable energy and climate products. As a licenced power trader, Pure Energy is pleased to reflect the challenges of the new energy era dominated by renewable assets. 

Our activities include; 

  • Wholesale Power Trading
  • Futures/Forward Trading 
  • Cross–Border Trading
  • Power Purchase Agreements
  • Renewable PPAs
  • Trading of Renewable Energy Credits (EACs, GOs, RECs, I-RECs and Custom)


At Pure Energy, we approach the advisory space in a very unconventional, yet very pragmatic manner. We value the time and effort of our client and aim to present a crystal clear and unbiased view to decision makers. We believe that combining our international experiences and applying them to the local market is a key success factor in all businesses that we advise. Therefore, our philosophy is not establishing a client- consultant relationship but rather forming an engaged team working towards exactly the same targets. In brief, we do not like disclaimers and power point timesavers, but we are into real execution of processes. 

Our advisory services include;

  • Energy M&A Advisory
  • Asset Optimization
  • Market Access
  • Trading Floor Set-Up and Strategies
  • Trade Life-Cycle Design
  • Renewable Energy Investments
  • Market Design Assignments for Public Authorities
  • Energy Value Chain and Market Design
  • Overseas Operations and Cross-Border Trading
  • Market and System/Mandate/Workflow Designs