Anduvap Servet AKGÜN

Co-Founder/Managing Director

"I thought observing the last decade of energy transition was extremely exciting but when I look at the next ten years it is simply thrilling. In the first decade, I was enjoying the view from the front seat but now for the second part of it; thanks to the great team at Pure Energy, I have the privilege to steer the wheel and pioneer the change" says Servet, an exceptional cautiously optimist trader and entrepreneur.


An energy economist with degrees from Istanbul, Bergen and St. Gallen, he was fortunate to start his career in 2008 at Europe's biggest renewable energy company, Statkraft of Norway. He has experienced the coupling of European power markets, post-Fukushima events, the renewable boom, the crush of merit order and many others while he was working as a cross-border power trader in Düsseldorf, Germany. In 2012, Servet was appointed as the managing director of Statkraft trading in Turkey and the task was to establish trading and origination businesses in the country. After the successful delivery of the task, he joined the forces with two other partners and co-founded Pure Energy in 2016, which turned out to be a passion rather than a company. That passion later gave birth to the first fully renewable and automated Virtual Power Plant in Turkey. 


Besides the time that Servet spends on Pure Energy, he enjoys sharing the knowledge with industry peers, college students and public throughout conferences, workshops, and lectures. He is a proud member of the Future Energy Leaders (FEL-100) community of the World Energy Council, a board member at the Energy Traders' Association and he serves as an advisory board member in various organizations.


Regarding the work-life balance chapter, he claims that he is able to blend work and life together yet to date, he was not able to convince any family member. Happily surrounded by three ladies at home he is enjoying the fantastic journey of raising two adorable daughters with his wife Janset.