Co-Founder/Managing Partner

"I have always been impressed and inspired by forward-looking business models which have a considerable flavour of disruption.” says Argun, a dedicated energy executive and a proud team member.


Argun having an MBA degree from the UK, has passed through a multi-dimensional education process including international EU training and several joint EU Projects coordinated in an international trends. Gladly jumped in the ocean of energy at EWE group which is one of the largest energy companies in Germany. Offering multi-utility services in different countries, EWE proved to be a good professional academy and Argun had the privilege of experiencing a large spectrum of business lines from strategic planning to business development as well as overall responsibility of renewable energy.


After spending 10 years at EWE group, Argun excitedly joined the fascinating journey of Pure Energy that is the first and only real-time The Virtual Power Plant operator in MENA region, helping to stabilize the complexity of renewables for successful integration to the grid. Argun defines this move surrounded by digitalization and electrification megatrends as a journey where the excitement is totally on the wheel in every single inch. As an optimist member of the responsible international community, he underlines the importance of sharing the vision of new energy future with the sectors and the community through NGO activities, conferences and workshops  for a greener and renewable future.


Argun says he owes much to his wife Nilüfer as a dedicated supporter within this journey for sharing the excitement and never-ending patience that are biggest virtues of the family life.