Berkuk HATKO

Sustainable Energy Associate

"I don't believe finding success at anything that does not resonate in me" claims Berkuk, a young economist from Bilkent. "Whether it be the vision, the purpose, the values or the culture of the work; I need a true connection with the organization to become a single entity: a 'pure dot' " he quotes. That's why he became Pure and accepted the challenges that are waiting along the way to the green transition. He now provides sustainable solutions for our customers.

He declares himself to be "versatile and entrepreneurial" as starting from the early stages of his life, he had similar passion for different branches. In his high school years, Berkuk was producing tournament montages and illustrations for a couple of European eSports teams. In his Bilkent days, he was a lead dancer for 5 years in one of the prestigious ensembles in Turkey and also the president of an established culture and arts community for two consecutive years. Meanwhile, he was playing accordion and teamed up with fellow musicians to create an orchestra project. Recently, he contributed as the Production Manager in the "Theater at the Sea Level / Deniz Seviyesinde Tiyatro" Festival in June 2022.