Algorithmic Power Trader

He graduated from Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Meteorological Engineering Department. During his undergraduate life, he worked in the field of applications of Meteorology in the renewable energy sector. In the second year of his studies, he worked on improving the wind forecasts via Machine Learning and Artificial Neural Networks in the New European Wind Atlas project, which was carried out with the participation of 9 European countries. Enis, who made two different graduation projects, first installed a wind turbine in an area located in Turkey in accordance with IEC 61400 standards with the WAsP program. His second project is the day-ahead and intra-day wind generation forecast model, which he created by blending the outputs of numerical weather models with Machine Learning and Artificial Neural Networks methods. He first started in the energy sector as part time at Aksa Energy and made solar energy forecasts and business-related analyzes. In the last year of his undergraduate life, he made long-term weather forecasts and hydrology forecasts at Pure Energy as part time. After graduating from university, he started to work full time at Pure Energy and started to work as an Algorithmic Trader in the German Energy Market.