Jerfi ÖNAL

Co-Founder/Managing Partner

"As a habitual realistic, it was impossible for me not to see the reality about climate change and the need of renewables, the renewables that are changing today's world. When you polish an engineer with a financial perspective and throw into this changing environment then becoming an entrepreneur to be a part of the change is not a choice" says Jerfi, an engineer with an MBA degree and first of his kind risk manager. 


Being a good engineer was not enough for Jerfi when he graduated from Istanbul Technical University with honors degree and willing to use his organizational skills in Koç Group's biggest energy company as a marketing professional. Afterwards he realized that he became a part of the energy business while working in Akenerji. Those were the years that the Energy Traders Association settled where Jerfi took several active roles. Adding the experience of setting up an energy company in Turkey was a real challenge while he was working in the Limak Group. He had the chance to create the risk management perspective, while drafting the first standard power contracts for Turkish Power Market and work on EFET contracts to be translated and adopted for Turkey. 
After having 10 years of experience in the energy sector, it was time to become a part of the "change" and pioneer it. For the last couple of years, it was a pleasure to purify energy business in Pure Energy with the belief that this is just the beginning. 


Married with the most delightful woman and having an amazing baby girl, Jerfi thinks "Neither İrem nor my baby Janet is from this world".