Head of Trading

“Trading is the best multiplayer game I could find and I like to play it; I like to win and lose. Given the challenges, satisfaction, joy, and excitement, the energy business offers a pleasure that stocks and other commodities can never provide. I've never dreamed an easy, ordinary, well paid job since a job is never just a job.” says Mutlu, a veteran trader with a big “stomach".


This is what pushed Mutlu to pursue his master’s degree to find "a way out of the ordinary” in Energy Economics in NHH Bergen and Uni Cologne after graduating from Middle East Technical University. Later in 2011 he joined a boutique consultancy company, ETRM, as an analyst for fundamental market modelling for the flourishing of the Turkish Power Market. Spending four years in the “kitchen”, he moved onto trading at Aksa Energy. He took over the biggest challenge of his life in 2016 by becoming Pure, where he orchestrated the trading activities of the company. The challenge was never completed as it turned into a lifelong journey with great companions.


Mutlu is extremely lucky, for being surrounded with three great women: his mother and elder sister which still complain a lot that he is working too hard. But he responds to these complaints by saying that everything is easier, better, joyful and many many more since the very first time he met his beloved wife, Sedef.